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[RELEASES - BOT] CabalRider

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RE: [RELEASES - BOT] CabalRider
CabalRider EU v2.0.106 aggiornato 10.01.2013

Bot CabalRider EU v2.0.107 aggiornato 25.01.2013
AOE fixed.
Intervallo impostato in 30 o più, il numero impostato in 15 ~ 20 o più.

Bot CabalRider EU v2.0.108 aggiornato 30.01.2013
Migliorato AEO
Aggiunta nuova funzione : Attack Interval time (tempo di intervallo d'attacco)

Bot CabalRider EU v2.0.111 aggiornato 09.02.2013
Ottimizzato il percorso tra ' morti a terra' e 'Sangue gelato'
Nuova funzione aggiunta: compra veloce

Bot CabalRider EU v2.0.114 aggiornato 14.03.2013
Funzionante con EP 10
Fixed Bug AOE

Citazione:Dear riders

The The 2013/03/14 new version 2.0.114 was published !


1. Support the EP10 Rising Force of Europe CABAL !

2. Support WinXP / Win7-32bit / Win7-64bit

3. New supply routes added: (1).Forgotten Ruin, (2).Mutant Forest, (3).Pontus Ferrum . (4). Undead Ground

4. Here is another share download link

5. About the auto-buffer skills, many skills were put into passive skills list, so you will see less skill names in the auto-buffer list.

6. Please dont load your old config with this new version, or you will meet lots of DC !

7. You must close 'auto attack' in game option.

8. Fixed the bug of AOE

9. 'Attack Interval' is no need to set in lower than 1000ms anymore, if you need any delay of attacking , set the number more than 1000ms please .

Autobots , Let's roll !

Thank you

CR Team

11-01-2013, 10:04,
Cita mess.

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